Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Sheriff Faile vows to preserve, protect, and defend the State and U.S. Constitution

In response to the many inquiries regarding the recent tragic events in Connecticut and California, and the ensuing public dialogue concerning “gun control” or “restrictions“, the forty-six elected sheriffs of South Carolina, who are the acknowledged public safety authority within their respective counties, will comply faithfully to their Oath of Office to, “preserve and protect and defend the Constitution of this State and of the United States.”

As South Carolina's constitutional law enforcement authority, we remain focused on solutions. The authority of the Office of Sheriff is derived from the State's constitution and the people who have entrusted us with our office. That document and the statutes of the State bind us together as a people. At a time when those who are governed have less trust in those who govern, it is important that we hold steadfast and focus our attention and efforts on not what divides us, but on what binds us together as a State and Nation.

Further, as constitutional officers of the state of South Carolina and locally elected, our authority to enforce any law extends only to the laws and statutes of South Carolina and the ordinances of our respective counties. We do not possess the authority to enforce any federal law or presidential order.

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