Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Sheriff's Office Receives $8,100 Grant
The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce that they have received an $8,100 grant from the State Homeland Security Program.  After learning of surplus grant money at the State Law Enforcement Division, the Sheriff’s Office applied for several grants to fund several specific projects. On September 10th, 2012 the Sheriff’s Office was awarded the $8,100 to fund a Communications Interoperability project.
 This grant was applied for by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office to assist in a regional communications effort. This grant from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Office of Homeland Security was to assist local communities with Communications Interoperability issues. The equipment will be placed in the Lancaster County Public Safety Communications Department.
The Lancaster County Public Safety Communications Department handles all of the Sheriff’s Office radio traffic and calls for service, dispatching all fire related calls to 18 volunteer fire departments, dispatching EMS calls to 9 EMS units, and they also handle various other agencies by radio or phone. This grant funding will allow the center to add an 800MHz patch to our console in communications. This patch will be used for our communications officers to talk to surrounding counties (York County SC, Union County NC, Charlotte NC and etc.) via radio. With this patch, we will also have the capabilities to patch our units (Police, EMS or Fire) directly with the above listed counties units and they will be able to talk directly themselves. So, with these grant funds we will have more access to our surrounding agencies that we work with on a regular basis by radio rather than wasting precious minutes dialing numbers and trying to relay messages by phone.
Sheriff Faile said, “We are extremely pleased to receive this grant.  Anytime we can fund projects like this with grant money it’s a win-win.  The Sheriff’s Office gets to improve the service we offer and we don’t have to spend county funds to do it. Our grants officer worked really hard to acquire this grant and I am thankful for that hard work.”   
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