Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Sgt. Brandon Rollins Receives National Award
The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce that Sgt. Brandon Rollins was the recipient of the Calibre Press/PolicOne.com “Not Today” award for demonstrating a commitment to survival and a winning mindset during a potentially lethal incident.  This will be an annual award and Sgt. Rollins was the inaugural recipient.  The award was presented during the opening ceremonies for the 2012 International Law Enforcement and Educators Association (ILEETA) conference in Chicago on April 16th. Calibre Press treated Sgt. Rollins to an all expenses paid trip to Chicago to attend the conference.
“The Not Today Award"
Not on this shift
Not on this call
Not on this stop
I will not be caught unaware
Sgt. Rollins survived a potentially life-threatening gunshot wound in November, 2011 while intervening in an armed robbery at the Shrimp Boat restaurant.  Brandon used his training to maintain his focus on survival.  In doing so, he provided a great example for his fellow officers on refusing to give up.
Dave Smith (Calibre Press Instructor) said “Brandon embodies the exact qualities we try to get every law enforcement officer to make a part of their make-up.  Even wounded he refused to just lay down and give up. He maintained his readiness throughout and immediately following the shooting and then mentally focused to steel himself and calm down to deal with his wounds.  He thought, "Not today, I will not surrender, I will not die!" and that is exactly the model we want to give to our fellow officers everywhere for how to deal with these sudden terrible crises we face.”
Sgt. Rollins said, “On 4-17-2012 I was honored to receive the first “Not Today” presented by Caliber Press. As a result I was able to attend the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association training conference in Chicago at no cost. It was an honor to be among some of the top trainers in the world and also some of the founders of training principles used around the world today. During the conference I was able to attend training classes which will benefit the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office as well as the citizens of Lancaster County. I look forward to bringing this information back to our department and implementing it to make our department and community a safer place to work and live.”
Sheriff Faile, “We are very proud of Brandon and how he has been able to overcome this incident. We are proud of his accomplishments and excited that he has been able to turn this into a positive experience that others can learn from.”  
Pictured in the Photo are Sgt. Rollins and Dave Smith Calibre (Press Instructor)
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