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Operation Spring Cleaning Targets Drug Dealers
Operation “Spring Cleaning” Targets Drug Trafficking

Lancaster, SC (Friday 03/09/2012)

On Thursday March 8th the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office Drug/Gang Task Force, A unit comprised of Lancaster County and Lancaster City Police Department Law Enforcement Officers, launched a crime suppression initiative that spanned across Lancaster County.

This operation was a joint action conducted by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and Lancaster City Police Department.

Men and women from these agencies were organized into several Strike Teams to implement a proactive law enforcement response in the city and county under the moniker, “Spring Cleaning”. This operation is the culmination of more than a year’s worth of drug and narcotic investigations. One of the primary objectives of the operation was to target suppliers dealing with larger quantities of drugs working upward into the leadership of the drug trade in Lancaster County. Another objective was to serve warrants targeting drug offenders, and others with outstanding warrants throughout Lancaster County.
During the course of the operation, 79 individuals were charged with 145 offenses (137 felony charges). Those charges range from simple possession of drugs, distribution, manufacturing, to trafficking narcotics. Other charges included firearm offenses, possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, and traffic related charges. During the operation multiple firearms (some stolen), narcotics, a stolen motorcycle, and a stolen four wheeler were seized/recovered. The general objectives of the operation were to target the drug trade in Lancaster County and target specific high-crime areas. In addition, ‘Spring Cleaning’ has promoted communication, coordination and cooperation within the elements of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and the Lancaster Police Department and will help foster greater community confidence in Law Enforcement within Lancaster County. Sheriff Barry S. Faile continues to follow the goals he set for this agency when he first took office in 2009.

Sheriff Barry S. Faile said, “This latest crackdown is merely another phase in our ongoing battle to get illicit drugs off our streets and keep them off our streets for as long as we can. Many of these offenders are also linked to violent crimes that occur in our County and we are committed to getting them off the street. All of the officers involved in this operation worked extremely hard to make this operation a success and I am grateful for that hard work." Faile added, “I want everyone who is dealing drugs in Lancaster County to know that the nature of these investigations includes watching, listening and gathering evidence. You are being watched and you will be caught!"

Chief Howard said “We want citizens to know that law enforcement officers within Lancaster County and City are working tirelessly to enforce laws and provide services that are designed to keep our citizens and communities safe. We want offenders off of the streets and behind bars. As evident today and in the past, we are doing all we can towards that end. The illicit drug trade is one that permeates and impacts all of our lives whether directly or indirectly. We will continue to be on the alert and take action to rid our community of such crime and degradation.”

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